Solicitors and executors

Any gift left in a will, no matter how large or small, is important to Derby Hospitals Charity.

We will always recommend to our supporters that a will is drawn up by a legal professional so that they receive expert advice and their requests are protected and cannot be altered by other people. It also helps to ensure that the wording of the will is precise and clear.

When helping to draw up a will, please use the following wording:

I wish to give ……………………….. to Derby Hospitals Charitable Trust (Registered charity no 1061812) for the benefit of ……………. ..  (insert the name of the department or ward you wish to benefit from the legacy).  

We also have a general fund for donations and legacies to the hospital. Legacies received into this fund are used throughout the hospital.    

It helps not to specify too precisely how the money may be used as the medical equipment we use and the type of treatment we provide are constantly changing.

We are happy to talk to you about the wording in a will and how various and the many and varied charitable funds which make up Derby Hospitals Charity.

For more information, please contact us on 01332 785731 or by email